Explore the Features

Experience one comes with a set of efficient staff operation management features that allow you to organize, automate, and track your daily operations.

Advanced Task Automation

The advanced task automation of One Platform helps reduce human errors and maximize occupancy. The staff can access real-time insight to solve various tasks and service requests. Everything beginning from room occupancy and stock levels to task assignment is automated and united on a single platform.

Scheduled Daily Maintenance

Daily decision making that includes room assignment, room inspections, turnover schedule, room clean-ups, etc. are automated by an integrated system with One Platform. You will be able to maintain a streamlined process for providing service through all the departments.

Room Inspections

You can schedule daily room inspections for every hotel room at fixed times for your staff to make sure the rooms are neat and clean all through your guests’ stay with you, by on-time inspections every day.

Automated Housekeeping

The prioritization, communication, and dispatch of the entire housekeeping operation is smartly automated. All these functionalities help offer better hotel room cleanliness and service delivery, maximizing productivity and brand reputation.

Access via Mobile

All of the functionalities and features are available on a single integrated platform i.e. One Platform, that can be easily accessed via mobile devices or a Web URL. Users can place the service requests via One Platform, your staff will receive and be notified of the requests and they can complete each task accordingly.

Guest Management

One Platform allows staff to collect guest preferences and receive special requests. All the data logged in your app about each and every guest can be used to deliver a memorable guest experience to each one of your guests during their stay.

Service Request Monitoring

Experience One provides you with a central staff management platform from where you can track, monitor, and access all the guest requests and service orders on a single unified dashboard.

Guest Marketing

Features like in-app messaging, and push notifications help you send relevant information to your guests about newest updates and offers that can be highly instrumental for your overall marketing efforts.

In-room Dining

One Platform facilitates a digitized and contactless ordering process that automates order and delivery processes, without the need of any staff interaction, while promoting physical distancing. Your guests can order in-room dining choosing from the menu displayed on your app.