Explore the Features

Experience One comes with a wide range of features that provide your guests an easy access to all your hotel amenities and services, while enhancing guest experience

Mobile :: Web :: TV :: Voice

Experience One comes on multiple channels which includes a mobile app, website, In-room TV and voice (Alexa & Google home). Your guests can use any of these channels to access, explore, interact and communicate with the hotel services.

Mobile Check-in

Your guests can check-in to your hotel skipping the front-desk formalities and queues, directly from their mobile. They can also avail room upgradations, choose room based on level or view and provide their preference during this process.

Keyless Entry

One platform provides capability to your guests to unlock their room without a physical key. Your guest can enter their room by unlocking the door using their mobile phone. Hotels can issue more than one mobile key based on the number of guest staying in the room.

In-room entertainment

One platform powers your guest room TVs with unlimited possibilities. Displaying hotel logo on switched on, Zero Channel, regular channels, OTT, Streaming content and more. Guests can also interact with hotel services through TV. The best part is that guests will be able to operate the TV directly from their mobile app through an on-screen remote.

Live Chat

Experience One comes with an integrated live chat option. In case your current guests, or even past guests need any help or have any query, they can chat with your live agents who will give your guests the information they need.


One platform is also present on Alexa and Google home. Your guests can request for information or access different hotel services through a conversational voice user interface. Now you can give your brand a voice that takes care of your guests.


Features like in-app messaging, and push notifications allow you to send relevant and important information to your guests about latest updates and offers that can be highly instrumental in addition to your overall marketing efforts.

In-room Dining

One Platform comes with a contactless ordering process that provides all information required by your guest to order food. One platform can integrate to your hotel POS and display food options to guest through rich visual interface. Guests has complete on orders they place including when they want it. It helps your guest to order food even when they are not inside the hotel.

Complaint & Feedback

One platform has a streamlined process to collect feedback from your guests. The feedback mechanism is activated as soon as they checkout from hotel. Apart from feedback, a star rating is collected for every service they take during their stay. Complaints raised by guest are also informed to hotel immediately for quick action.

Local Tour Guide

One platform gives your guests a list of suggestions of the tourist spots in the location/ region of your hotel’s location, along with the distance from your hotel, the route, and also some interesting facts about the tourist spots.


Guests will always have access to latest news and be well informed on what is happening around them. One platform has the capability to integrate with multiple new providers and bring latest content to your guests.


Weather forecast plays a very big role while your guests plans their day. One platform provides detailed present weather information and forecast for next couple of days. Hotel has option to add custom message on weather screen based on the forecast, like, “It might rain today, you can collect an umbrella from the front-desk when you head out”.


One platform is instrumental in assisting your guests to book air tickets and train tickets directly from the app. This is priceless for someone who is coming from a different country to your hotel and finds quick help to book and travel forward.

Foreign Exchange

Coming from a different country? No problem! Hotels using Experience One are completely equipped to cater to guests in every possible situation. One platform assists your guest to convert their currency into local currency. Your guests can request for housekeeping services directly from One Platform. The hotel staff will receive the request and deliver the requested service in no time. Quick action, desirable outcome, happy guest are the major pillars of Experience One

Laundry Service

Scheduling for laundry pickup has never been easier. Guests can fill up a digital laundry card on their phone and request for a pickup. Hotel staff can collect the laundry from the guest at the scheduled time and deliver it on the scheduled delivery time.

Internet/ Wi-Fi

May it be information on connecting additional devices to hotel Wi-Fi or upgrading internet, everything is covered.

Guest Preference

One platform helps to collect information on likes and interests of the guests for a personalized guest experience. You can use the data on your guest preferences to set the room and offer amenities and services in compliance of their preferences. Delight your guest.

Car Services

Your guests can explore car services available at the hotel and book the service. One platform helps your guest view vehicle options, rental tariff, opt for chauffeur driven or self-drive. Hotels using 3rd party vendors for car services can connect their vendors to Experience One for content population.


One platform integrates with your hotel booking engine and becomes an additional channel for guest bookings. The booking information flows through your existing booking channel and keeps rest of the process intact.

Hotel Directory

One platform helps to familiarize your guests with all hotel services and amenities in one centralized location through the Digital Hotel Directory. Guests can not only know about the services but can also proceed to avail the services from the directory.

Merchant Offer

Empower your guests with information on local and trusted business around your hotel. One platform gives you the capability to create a sponsored listing of local business along with their offerings through a digital marketplace. The marketplace can simply list information about the business or even sell their products online.

Push Notification

You can send important and interesting push notifications to your guests from One platform. Such notifications can be related to offers, an event at your hotel or regarding one of your sponsored local listings.


Your guests can check out directly from One platform avoiding a visit to the front desk. The checkout process includes settlement of dues, informing the hotel they are checking out, delayed checkout or requesting for assistance with luggage.


One platform lets a guest reach out to hotel very quickly incase of an emergency. The communication method during emergency is planned in a very different way through unique alerts that helps hotel staffs to recognize an emergency situation.

Chat bot

Experience One comes with a chatbot that is programmed to communicate with your guests and answer questions your guests ask, with automated replies, at any time of the day.

Service Request Monitoring

One platform monitors every single request coming from your guests and assists your hotel staff to cater to such requests in a timely manner. While your hotel keeps operating through a well-established technology framework, a detailed dashboard keep logging all activities and at a glance provides all required information on how your hotel is performing and what requires to be optimized for increased efficiency, guest satisfaction and higher ROI.


Experience One is a highly integrated solution to help you enhance guest experience. It seamlessly integrated with your hotel PMS, POS, and other applications. The possibilities are limitless with over 200+ integrations readily available.