Online Check-in

Your guests can check-in to your hotel from One Platform, before they arrive, skipping the front-desk formalities and directly going to their room. They can also avail room upgradations, choose room based on level or view and provide their preference during this process.

Keyless Entry

Experience One enables key-less room entry. Your guest can enter their room by unlocking the door using their mobile phone. Your guests will not need to use a key or card, and this eliminates the need of any physical contact with the staff or at the entry point.

Contactless Service Requests

Your guests can place service requests and request for amenities, all from their smartphones, without having to make a call. This ensures protection from unwanted contact.

In-room Entertainment

You guests can operate the TV in their hotel rooms directly from their mobile app. Anything that they do from the TV remote can be very well managed through the mobile app on-screen remote.

In-room controls

One Platform gives you the ability to offer guests a greater level of personalization. Guests can swiftly make changes to the conditions within the room, such as choosing a preferred temperature and lighting level.

Guest Checkout

Your guests can check out on the app, make payment of the total due, without visiting the front desk. There is no need of physical interaction with any staff to check out of your hotel premises.

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