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Contactless Hospitality Platform with Centralized Technology

Experience One is designed from the ground up to deliver contactless experience at different touch points of a guest journey along with custom need offering with distributed responsibility-sharing measures reducing conventional queue check-ins and manual time taking work that enhances the overall guest experience.

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Features that Enhance Staff Operation

Effective human interaction and collaboration are the pillars of efficient hospitality services. With the help of advanced technological innovation, hotel owners can now experience and utilize the power of elevated service levels, by managing every detail from housekeeping and maintenance, to front office operations and more.

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A Plethora of Functionalities Taking Guest Experience to a Whole New Level!

Experience One is a guest personalization and contactless hotel automation platform that reduces unproductive tasks up to 93%. Experience One provides centralized control over the complete hotel management system, embedding dynamic authority allocation, and real-time issue escalation system in execution.

Experience One is designed to cut unwanted friction, negative reviews with real-time feedback, and solution system connecting multi-layered staffs in a single system, allowing power, to instant decision making.

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Hotel 2025

Personalisation & Contactless is the Future

“Hotel 2025 will be the next biggest change in Hotel industry towards guest experience optimization" as per the technology leader Oracle, and sales leader Salesforce”. The intensive growth of technology is opening the hotel industry to optimize its general execution and be personalized as much a brand can to the guests. Experience One with its hotel automation solutions enables hoteliers to be industry first adopters by implementing modern techno-efficient processes, increasing productivity with cost-cutting technology.

Technology & Hotel Industry

The boom of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, is changing the way customers interacted in the past. To be more connected to the customer, businesses are gaining next level intelligence to deliver a personalized experience. Experience One researches have spent thousands of hours researching and forming relationships with technology that helps hoteliers enable that opportunity and lead the stage before most of the industry players.

Experience One is a wholesome solution designed to execute billions of data points to find relevant recommendations, store highly valuable business-specific data points with state-of-art security, and help businesses deliver a personalized experience. Experience One also follows geo-specific government regulations and the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party custom or dynamic services opening new business opportunities in execution.

Check What Our Customers Say About Us

Simply a fantastic product! Truly an all-encompassing app for both guest facing services while consolidating our operations back of house workflow. Really excited to see this become a huge success for the Refinery Hotel New York.

Mr. Tyler J Dubs

General Manager. Refinery Hotel, New York

Experience One stands as the Epitome of Technological Progression and Safety Measures.

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